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ageLOC® R² Day (Vitality)

ageLOC® R² Day (Vitality)

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Starting today, you have the power to feel young again. ageLOC R² is a powerful product combination that works by targeting gene expression patterns related to cellular purification and cellular energy production. Optimize each cell’s natural purification process and cellular energy production to help you recharge and take control of a new day.

Why You'll Love It

Superior cellular purification and energy production

  • Targets the sources of aging.*
  • Promotes youthful gene expression related to cellular purification and cellular energy production.*
  • Helps you feel younger and more vibrant—renewed and recharged.*
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  • Uplifting Cream

    I rarely rate a product. However, Pammi convinced me I need to try this product. I lllooovvveee it. It’s a 10! Get yours today!

    - Debbie J .

  • Firming Cream

    I no longer have the saggy, crepe skin underneath my upper arms. It has made such a difference in the way I look and feel!!

    - Mary C.

  • LumiSpa

    I can’t live without my LumiSpa! When I travel it stays charged the whole trip - It makes my face feel cleaner than with cleanser alone!

    - Denise H.